Welcome to my personal website and blog

Welcome to my personal website and blog

Brian D. HawkinsBelow you will see several of the projects I'm working on as well as the latest posts from my personal blog. I have a lot going on so feel free to connect with me on any of my sites or my social media profiles.

I won't go into a lot about me here but you can see that on this page.

Social media profiles of my personal accounts (Business pages can be found on those websites & blogs).

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Hot Blog Tips

Visit Hot Blog TipsOver 300 quality articles on blogging tips, content creation, online business, social media, SEO, monetization, and a lot more.

Hot Blog Tips is almost four years old with over 10,000 comments and as many shares. We're the real deal and freely share an amazing amount of valuable content, resources, and information to help improve both your blog and brand.

Success Reads - Success Book Review Blog

Visit Success ReadsDo you want influence, business success, a better brand, or just want to be more productive? I have you covered with my honest book reviews of my favorite success and business books. I look for AND ACTUALLY READ the best books on branding, social media marketing, content creation, blogging, business success, and everything I can find that adds to our knowledge arsenal and points us in the right direction.

This is a project I took an at the beginning of the year. It's a little slow going because I ONLY review books I actually read and love. There are seriously a lot of crappy books out there but, no worries, I'm wading through the fluff and posting an honest review of the best business and success books.

The Hot Blog Tips Micro Blog

The Hot Blog Tips Micro BlogCan't get enough? Want more stuff from your blogging buddy? That's me by the way. 😉 I set-up a separate blog for random stuff on its own domain, Do-Follow.me. I also link every social media site, blog, and other platforms for Hot Blog Tips in the main menu. Seriously, my whole life has been linked to in those buttons,

This is another project I start this year. I have a lot to share with limited time to share it. I designed this micro blog for speed and ease of use. Seriously, it's all about content, random thoughts, and what I'm doing without thought or concern about looks, SEO, aesthetics. Can you say, "Refreshing"? Oh, did I mention 99% of the posts are written and published via email? And many of those straight from my phone. It doesn't get any easier than that my friends.

Mighty Mix Media

Visit Mighty Mix MediaOh, the money maker? You'd think but, truthfully, I'm doing okay financially at the moment and time is what I am short of. Might Mix Media is my "corporate" site responsible for our own media and a handful of select clients. We're not taking on new work at the moment but that is always subject to change.

Some of the services we've offered in the past and may bring back in the future include things like consulting, social media management, blog reviews, as well as blog and website design & setup. Right now I think I'd like to start a group mastermind but nothing concrete at the moment.