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Read The Directions
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Looking Like An Idiot Is Embarrassing – Read The Directions Stupid

Do you read the directions¬†and installation instructions? Every time? I don’t and, no, I’m not going to use being a man as an excuse for not reading instruction. I’ll just use it as an excuse for not learning to read them after dozens of “learning experiences”. lol

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My Sci-Fi Thriller Movies Picks
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My Five Top Sci-Fi Thriller Movie Picks

I love action, adventure and sci-fi movies. I’m a guy so no surprise there. I was sitting there talking movies with my brother and said what I thought to be the top five Sci-Fi/Thriller movies of all time. I literally spent just a few minutes to come up with five. Those five are listed below, I had to boot The Sixth Sense with Bruce Willis out because it was really only “that great” because of the surprise ending.

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Three Easy Tips To Avoid Being An Askhole

What is an askhole?

I bet you’ve experienced this, right? Someone solicits your advice, free advice, of course, everyone wants something for nothing. So it doesn’t really matter what the question is, they ask and then, against your better judgment, you decide to help them out. After all, you’re here to help others anyway, right?

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