Reflection On 2018 Goals

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Like I mentioned last year, I’m not into year’s resolutions but I believe in both long-term and short-term personal goals. Like most people, I find the planning much easier than the action required for any level of success.

My 2018 Year In Review

Without going into too much detail, I will admit my 2018 levels of success was mediocre at best. Here’s that post if you’re interested.

Here’s a quick outline of last year’s goals and how I felt I did: (more…)

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2018 Personal Goals – Planned One Month At A Time – Brian D. Hawkins

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This post is for me. Stop reading. Just joking, read on. It can be for both of us. Sharing my 2018 personal goals.

I’ve never been big on the whole new year’s resolution thing, still ain’t. So this is NOT another lame-ass new year’s resolution – it’s simply the steps I need to take to meet this year’s short-term personal goals.


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The Flu Shot – My Common Sense Approach

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It’s January and influenza (flu) virus is knocking people down like flies. I see post after post on social media, again, on the pros and cons of the flu vaccine.

Some are totally against it while others are all for it. Sounds like most important issues doesn’t it?

Personally, I try to keep an objective mind on topics and issues like this and do what research I can. Based on that and my own experience, I make my own decisions. I suggest you do the same. Try not to base your decisions on a handful of Facebook shares and random articles – like this one. (more…)

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