Tuesday, January 25, 2022

10 Divide and Conquer Tactics Used By The Corporate Press – Recommended Video

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Here’s a video of interest I thought worth sharing. I found it on Odysee by Keith Knight, a conversation with Bird Archist about a Washington Spectator article by Taibbi based somewhat on the book, Hate Inc. by Matt Taibbi. (Paid -Link) This is a book I ordered as soon as I found it and jumped into as soon as I got it.

This is a conversation worth listening to about an article and book worth reading.

The Book – Hate Inc by Matt Taibbi

The Media’s 10 Rules of Hate
by Matt Taibbi

  1. There are only two ideas
  2. The two ideas are in permanent conflict
  3. Hate people, not institutions
  4. Everything is someone else’s fault
  5. Nothing is everyone’s fault
  6. Root, don’t think
  7. No switching teams
  8. The other side is literally Hitler
  9. In the fight against Hitler, everything is permitted
  10. Feel superior

Watch the video | Read the article | Read the book (Paid Link)

Thanks for reading and watching, Brian

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