750 Words A Day – November 30 Day Challenge [2013]

750 Words A Day – November 30 Day Challenge [2013]

Reading time is only 2 minute/s. You can do it.

Back in June I decided a monthly challenge was just what the doctor ordered. That first challenge? Get More Sleep! So in July, I made a commitment to sleep no less than 7 hours each night for the entire month. It truly was a challenge but a very satisfying one.

UPDATE – Day Ten: 844 people signed up for the challenge and I’m one of the 630 people still in.

This month’s stats

You have 72 points this month
You have written 8401 words this month
We are on day 10 of 30 for November
10 daily pages started this month
10 daily pages completed this month
You’ve participated in 100% of the days this month
You’ve completed 100% of the days this month

Ten days at 750 words

This Month’s Challenge

The 30 day challenges continued with listening to every one of Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income Podcasts in August, Avoiding all negative people and communication in September, and October is to lose fifteen pounds. That leads us into my next challenge; for November 2013. I wanted to do something this month that would help me move forward with my blogging business so what better than content creation? More precisely, writing content.

A Helpful Writing Tool

Here’s the deal; I know this really cool website that encourages writing content and these guys understand challenges. It’s called 750 Words and the idea is to write 750 word a day, everyday. See? I told you it was cool! 750 Words is a very simple concept that encourages you to write daily and I think it’s a perfect fit for this month’s challenge. I ran across 750 Words about a year ago but wasn’t able to keep it going. This is going to be interesting.

I have 750 Words’ daily reminders set-up to email me each day at 7PM. That way, if I haven’t written enough by then, I know I better get busy.

Consequences For Failure

Okay, this is cool; and a little scary. 750 Words has a monthly challenge and I just signed up and committed myself. If I succeed, I get my name on the Wall of Awesomeness, along with a couple of self-created rewards (see image below). If, however, I fail, my name will go in the official Wall of Shame! To sweeten the deal, I also volunteered to donate $25 to 750 Words and publically apologize to you on this blog if I fail to meet the challenge.

750 Words 30 Day Challenge Contract

This Is Going To Be Tough!

First of all, I can’t type. Seriously, I use two fingers to type and the simplest blog post takes me forever. Hey, I think I just found a future thirty day challenge idea – learn to type in a month. To give you an idea just how slow I am, the 750 Words editor (that’s where I’m typing this) says I’m only up to 402 words and I started an hour ago. In my defense, American Pickers is on the TV right now and I’m letting it distract me a bit.

Second, I… Aw screw it – no more excuses; let’s do this thing!

Care To Join Me?

I invite you to join me in this month’s writing challenge; or any challenge really. Think up your own and let me know what it is. Keep me posted.

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