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I hope Evernote can get its act together
Just Commentary

I Hope Evernote Gets Its ? Together

As much as I love Evernote, and have all but become reliant on, I think we have to bear in mind that this is a product with a shelf life. Yep, just like every other product on the planet, Evernote won’t last forever.

This may be uninteresting babble I shouldn’t have wasted my time on and you should probably ignore. You’ve been warned. 😉

Lame disclosure: To be clear, I’m just a blogger with an opinion with zero inside information. I could just as easily be talking through my body’s lowest, dirty little orifice so please take it for what it is – just an opinion. I’m just sayin’,

I hope Evernote isn’t going to disappear or the core product turn to junk because another startup can’t get its act together.

Will Evernote outlast us and our blogs? Great question, but who know? Unfortunately, there have been some recent signs that the company is having some internal struggles that some fear could ultimately destroy it.

In the past, we’ve seen Evernote experience some growing pains such as a large security breach in ’13, (DoS) attacks in ’14, and layoffs in ’15.

Most recently, we’ve seen Evernote abandon some of its very popular standalone apps, such as Clearly and Skitch (except Skitch for Mac).

Long time Evernote CEO Phil Libin was recently replaced by Chris O’Neill , as well as other executive changes. Chris O’Neill spent ten years at Google before taking on the top spot at Evernote.

Normally that Googally past would seem like a great endorsement but, personally, I have to wonder if that’s what caused Evernote to abandon those popular standalone apps I just mentioned. Who has put out more tools for people to become reliant on just to abandon the product (and the users) more than Google?

To be fair, Mr. Libin has addressed criticism that the core product has been suffering from neglect at the expense of creating new apps and other misguided growth. This is very likely a major reason we’re seeing Evernote distant itself from past projects, even though this was before Chris O’Neill took over as CEO.

Even though I’m putting my concerns out there, I do still hold onto a lot of optimism knowing many smart people are dedicated to keeping the company as successful as possible. Let’s just hope it’s not too late for Evernote.

Oh, I even put a nice post together today on Hot Blog Tips about Using Evernote For Interviews. Check it out. See ya, Brian 🙂

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Would You Rather? Book Tag Tour
Just Commentary

10 Book/Reading Questions Answered

“Would You Rather” Book Tag Tour – Brian’s Turn

The “Would You Rather Book Tag” tour is a simple Q&A post in which the tagged, that’s me, answers a series of pre-written questions on books and reading. Once complete, I have to tag 5 people to do the same.

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The Advantages of Modern Life
Just Commentary

Dollar Shave Club, On Demand & Auto Delivery Services

I’m going to take a quick minute to talk about the advantages of modern life I’m really enjoying. I”ll offer my honest review of the Dollar Shave Club and add my thoughts on other on-demand products and services I’m taking advantage of.

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Outrage over the Outrage
Just Commentary

Outrage Over The Outrage – Supreme Court & Gay Marriage

I created this image (Facebook post) in response to a couple of self righteous, scared, and judgmental friends and family members posting about the Supreme Court’s ruling in favor on gay marriage.

I figured I post a non-watermarked version of the image for anyone to use. No need to ask, that’s why I’m posting it. Feel free to take it and use it. Please download it, however, so your image is no longer on this server. That slows my websites down.

Thanks, Brian

Outrage 800 Square

Click the image and right-click on it to save.

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Twitter Clean-Up
Just Commentary

Twitter CleanUp – Thinking About Dumping

I just spent 2 hours cleaning up 6 of my Twitter accounts; removing the inactives and non-followers.

Last year I purchased one year of Business that expires in a little over a week. I have over dozen Twitter accounts so I really need at least the Business+ membership but I don’t want it bad enough to fork out even close to $479.88 for the next year. I’m certainly not paying $50.99/month for the monthly plan.

Even to keep the Business Plan (6 Twitter profiles) I’d need to pay $239.88 for another year by Jul 9th. That is still too high.

Truthfully would be worth the investment if I took advantage of the complete program with all of features but I just log in every month or two for a quick clean-up. I haven’t been one to aggressively grow my accounts. I pretty much allow my accounts to grow organically by following back who look like real people that aren’t spammy, playing the follow to unfollow game, Tweet in English, and are actively using Twitter.

If anyone have a better Twitter Management solution let me know. I just want a program that will allow around a dozen accounts and check follows -vs- unfollowers and activity stats.

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