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Shit Storm
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Controversial Topics Can Hurt Your Brand

We’ve all heard it before, “Try a little controversy in your content for better engagement”. In this post I want to look at the value of content that supports your brand and how dragging your personal feelings into the face of your audience just may be a mistake.

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Excedrin, How Many Can I Take?

So I found myself with an incredible headache last week that was sucking the will to live right from very soul. Okay, slight exaggeration but it hurt. I took two Excedrin Migraine. Hours later the headache was still pounding the life out of my productivity so I wondered if it had been long enough to take two more Excedrin. I thought I remembered Excedrin having a maximum dosage of two pills/caplets every four hours (with six or eight pills total for 24 hours) but I wasn’t sure. Since I have a history of liver issues, I checked the label to be sure.

First, I was a little annoyed that the dosage information seemed “hidden” behind a peel-back label on the smaller Excedrin bottle. To my extreme disappointment, I couldn’t take any more Excedrin until the next morning since I had already reached the maximum daily dosage. The label said I could only take two caplets every 24 hours! WAIT, it gets better…

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I Want Ice Cream
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Are You Stuck On Social Media Consumer Thinking?

One of the most common things I see across the various social networks I frequent that gets in the way of business progress is consumer thinking. I don’t want to make this post a rant but I would be happy as pie if I could help just one blogger shorten their path to success.

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