Three Easy Tips To Avoid Being An Askhole

Three Easy Tips To Avoid Being An Askhole

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What is an askhole?

I bet you’ve experienced this, right? Someone solicits your advice, free advice, of course, everyone wants something for nothing. So it doesn’t really matter what the question is, they ask and then, against your better judgment, you decide to help them out. After all, you’re here to help others anyway, right?

So you invest an hour or so of your own time to help them out; drafting the perfect response, maybe even doing a little research. You don’t want to guide someone down the wrong road so you take your response very seriously.

Once you send the reply or maybe it’s even in person, you get a thank you or not, it doesn’t matter; that’s not why you did it. But then later down the road you see that same person with the same problem, only now it’s compounded because they did nothing. You ask, “Hey, did you try my solution“? They say something like, “No, I never really got to it” or “I just didn’t have time“, our some other lame excuse.They were an askhole.

Three tips to avoid being an askhole

  1. Always think about what you’re asking from others.
  2. Don’t ask for advice to “be polite” or as a form of chitchat.
  3. Don’t seek the free advice of a professional if you’re not willing to at least make an attempt at applying it.

To be clear

Just to be clear, I’m not suggesting we should take every piece of advice we’re given, not even close. I’m only suggesting we not ask advice of someone, or even a question, when we have no intention of taking it or even considering the advice or answer given.

Don’t be an askhole

It’s as simple as that. Follow those three tips and you’ll never be an askhole again. Now, don’t be afraid to ask for help, just be prepared to do the required effort recommended, or at least consider it. The other solution? Pay for the advice like everyone else.

Brian D. Hawkins

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