What do you do with fake Twitter followers?

What do you do with fake Twitter followers?

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I’ve been noticing a slight uptick in the number f fake followers on Twitter and I’m wondering what other people do when they are followed by a fake Twitter account. I believe it’s important to keep a clean account on all social media platforms and that includes our followers.

Fake Twitter Follower Screenshots

Do You Ignore Or Block?

I’m assuming we all know not to follow fake Twitter followers back but do you just ignore them or block them? Blocking fake accounts keeps our account cleaner but it does take a little extra work. There are several online tools that will even “test” the realness of our followers (See What Exactly Is Social Proof And How Do Bloggers Use it and scroll down to “Fake Twitter Followers Test”). So if fake followers are that easy to identify then we know Twitter knows as well. Whether that percentage of fake-to-real follower percentage has any bearing in regards to Twitter, I have no idea but id definitely affect influence.

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