The Flu Shot – My Common Sense Approach

The Flu Shot – My Common Sense Approach

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It’s January and influenza (flu) virus is knocking people down like flies. I see post after post on social media, again, on the pros and cons of the flu vaccine.

Some are totally against it while others are all for it. Sounds like most important issues doesn’t it?

Personally, I try to keep an objective mind on topics and issues like this and do what research I can. Based on that and my own experience, I make my own decisions. I suggest you do the same. Try not to base your decisions on a handful of Facebook shares and random articles – like this one.

This is my personal opinion on getting the flu shot. I AM NOT a medical professional by any means and I am not giving advice one way or the other. I’m not qualified for that. I will say, I have zero interest in whether or not you get the flu vaccine – I just have an opinion on just about everything. 🙂

Why do so many people distrust the flu shot?

First, let’s look at the motivation, often justified, why so many people are against the flu shot.

I think many people got the flu shot while already infected or shortly before and they believe the shot gave them the flu. It takes a couple weeks for the vaccine to build.

There are several reasons of why so many people won’t get the shot.

1) Fear – Shot are scary. Chemicals are scary. Trusting the evil empire is scary. It’s easier to rationalize a reason not to do it.

2) Mistrust – Big pharma has proven time after time they’ll put profit over people.

3) Lies and gossip – Most people don’t have an original thought in their head. They hear something and take it as their personal story in hopes others will believe they’re smart.

4) Hate – I know several people that will scream from the rooftops against anything big-business or government. They hate babies and kill puppies. Some actually believe the government actually wants to kill them. So sad.

Others believe big pharma wants to keep them sick. Well, they have a great point there. Remember? Profit over people.

5) Laziness – It’s easier to believe the most plausible story rather than doing an ounce of research.

6) Ignorance – I wonder how many people believe they had the flu without getting tested? It’s an actual virus, not a generic term for a really bad cold or respiratory infection.

So, does the flu shot work?

I have no idea. It’s a crap shoot because the scientists are making their best guess.

Does the flu vaccine give people the flu?

No – in my opinion, based on my own research. It doesn’t seem possible.

Is the flu shot safe?

Yes, unless it makes you sick or kills you. There are risks beyond getting the flu. Seems like a gamble with or without the vaccine in my opinion.

You’ll have to use your own judgment. I won’t be mad at you either way.

Do I get the flu shot?

I’ve gotten the vaccine for over 10 years and haven’t gotten the flu once. Many haven’t gotten the shot and still didn’t get the flu.

I try not to touch public anything, use hand sanitizer, stay away from sick people, wash my hands, and avoid kissing strangers when possible. ?

Your thoughts? You know what to do.


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