Beware – Low Life Twitter Tactic To Build Large Followings

Many of you have probably already seen and understand this low-life Twitter tactic but it happens so often I thought I’d mention it for those that haven’t noticed it yet. Everyone want’s large numbers of followers, right? Twitter is no exception and there’s an almost pathetic desperation for some people to “appear” to be popular. There’s a not-so fine line between social proof and being a deceptive ass because you were beat up or ignored as a child. Cheating is cheating and it ruins your reputation.

TWEET THIS: Cheating is cheating and it ruins your reputation

The low-Life Twitter Tactic

So here’s how it goes… An insecure person with a slight lack of morals finds themselves on social media and they’ll do almost anything to feel popular. After all, here’s their chance to finally be something they’ve never been able to achieve before, thanks to the cover of the virtual curtain. So they find the easiest way around common sense and look for Twitter tools and tactics to find the huge following they crave.

First, they find an online Twitter tool that will mass follow and unfollow people. So they follow and follow knowing a bunch of people will follow back. And the ones that don’t follow back? Well, they’re unfollowed of course, but that’s SOP in Twitterland. Twitter pretty much forced that tactic when they decided they’d only allow a certain following/followed ratio.

So here’s the low life part…

Not only do they unfollow those that never follow back, they even unfollow those that do. After all, how’s one to feed their ego if they have to follow as many people as there are following them? We need to have a huge following while following only a few ourselves to feel like a true bigshot.

A couple examples of Twitter mass following and unfollowing

You know what, I’m not a great writer so why don’t I give a couple examples? These accounts were easy to spot because they had no reason to follow me and they’re following a small number of people in relation to those following them. I fully knew what they were doing so I actually took screenshots just for this post. I so smaart!

Notice within each image there are three separate screenshots. The first one is the follow notification within the Android Twitter App. The second screenshot shows their profile where they’re following me and I followed back. The last screenshot shows they unfollowed me because that’s just what they do. Can you say, “no integrity“?

SociaPath @SociaPath


Mark Corke @MarkCorke

Mark Corke

What to look for

Here’s the question to ask yourself; If they’re following very few people and have massive followings, and they have no reason to follow you (like you’ve been communicating or something), why would they follow in the first place?

Don’t risk your ruputation

Please don’t risk your reputation by buying followers or cheating others to look like a social media guru, it’s not worth it.

Written by Brian D. Hawkins
Blogging superhero by day and internet super villain by night. Blogger, future online millionaire and all around great guy. Married and from Michigan.