Organizing 2019 Goals And Tasks

Organizing 2019 Goals And Tasks

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“Organising is what you do before you do something, so that when you do it, it is not all mixed up” – A. A. Milne

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks getting my “list structure” together. I need something simple so I’ll actually follow through on it. I also need something fluid so I can easily adjust, transform and build on the tasks needed.

My desk sits against one wall of my pantry. It’s a large pantry, 12′ x 12′ so I have enough room for things like document storage and office supplies. I’ve added a cork board above my desk to remind me of tasks at hand.

Organized desk

Shopping Lists & Meal Planning On A Whole New Level

Our grocery budget was out of control last year. Our paleo diet discipline was erratic and our pantry room took a huge hit during the holidays.

We needed to take a serious look at how we were budgeting for and planning meals, as well as food storage, i.e. our pantry and freezers.

So I spent an entire weekend creating a binder with a master grocery list, itemized into categories. I also picked a couple dozen Paleo recipes on a separate list with just the title and ingredients for meal planning.

Master Shopping List And Meal Planner

This binder works in conjunction with our old school dry erase board on the fridge (Shown below). We shop for groceries weekly right now, with a goal to eventually move to every two weeks.

I may record a video later if there’s any interest, but now we basically:

  1. Pick seven meals from the list of recipes we have.
  2. Then we take those ingredients and based on what’s in the pantry, freezer or pantry, and add them to the shopping list.
  3. Then we add the items we put on our dry erase board throughout the week.
  4. Next, we go through the master grocery list to generate the rest of the shopping list.
  5. Finally, we find any discounts and coupons we can use and place the order online for our local grocery store. We could have it delivered for a monthly fee but we just pick it up when it’s ready.  This cuts WAY down on the impulse buys. Seriously, we’re talking about at least 20% savings for us.

Dry Erase Board On The Fridge

Shopping List - Dry Erase Board

I’ve added a dry erase board on the side of the refrigerator so my wife and I can simply add to the list once we see we’re out of something.

Other Year-Long Goals

I still have several reoccurring year-long goals and I really don’t see the need to put you through all that. 🙂

They include things like finance, emergency fund, more seed starting this year, twice as many raised garden beds (already built), and several others.

Putting It All Together – Goals Plus Action

Alright, I know it is 2019. I do use a smartphone (Galaxy S-9 Plus). I use apps. I’m not THAT old school. I use Trello every day. The same with Wunderlist, Google Drive and Google Calendar. But I always end up going back to a good old-fashioned desktop calendar. No, not your computer desktop – the actual top of your desk.

On this calendar, I add in all of my bills, projected income, domain expiration dates, birthdays and daily tasks. I even add my short-term and long-term goals with a complete breakdown of the steps required.

Lets Not Forget Learning And Improvement

By the way, many of those short term goals include things I want to learn. Things like Ham radio, skin tanning, edible plant foraging, soap making and making my own essential oils. Wait, what? We have different interests? Imagine that. LOL

This method of DIY / hands-on learning included in my short term goals worked well over the last several years. Things I’ve learned using this method include: gardening, bushcrafting, canning, fermenting, dehydrating, seed saving, seed starting, microgreens, indoor gardening, sprouting and on and on. I now make my own Kombucha, vanilla extract, apple cider vinegar, laundry soap and herb mixes from my own herb garden.

A Short Video On My Pantry Storage Room

It might be a little off topic but I wanted to share a short Instagram video I posted today of my pantry and storage room organization. Without some extreme organizing, this much stuff would be impossible to work with. That’s actually where I’m sitting right now writing this blog post, my pantry.

My Prepper Pantry

That’s It Folks

I’ll get another post out within a year or so, give or take. LOL

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