How To Add Stardates To Your Google Calendar

How To Add Stardates To Your Google Calendar

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Stardate: [-28] 09370.00  This short little how-to tutorial you show you how to quickly add Stardates to your Google Calendar. This can easily be removed when you tire of it and shouldn’t affect other calendars you have setup.

Here’s The Quick Stardate Tutorial

First, Go to your Google Calendar and click on Settings

Go to Calendar settings

On the top left you should see four tabs:
General | Calendars | Mobile Setup | Labs

Calendar setting tabs

Click on the “Calendars” tab

Below your calendars, you should see a section “Other Calendars

To the right of that, click “Browse interesting calendars

Under “Interesting Calendars“, you should see three more tabs:
Holidays | Sports | More

You want to click the “More” tab

Interesting Calendars - Stardates

Simply scroll down and click next “subscribe” to the “Stardates” calendar.

Now you should see the Stardate for each day on your Google Calendar

Stardates On Your Google Calendar

You can come back to this same location at anytime to unsubscribe from the Stardates Calendar, or any other calendar you have added.

Extra Tip: You can change the background and font color of any Calendar right on Google Calendars.

Change Google Calendar Background Colors

Video Tutorial on Adding Stardates

This tutorial was for you

I hope that helped someone. If it did, let me know. Share the post f you wouldn’t mind as well. 🙂

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