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Get Ready for Non-Transitory Inflation: Ten Things About to Shoot Up in Price – ๐Ÿ”— Sep 21, 2021

This article was originally published by Kerry Lutz – Financial Survival Network

Low consumer prices, low taxes, abundant consumer goods, low interest rates and low energy prices are coming to an end. The only question is what youโ€™re going to do to protect yourself.

Kerry Lutz – Financial Survival Network


If there’s going to be a phrase of the year, it has to be ‘supply chain disruptions‘. My Lutz covers that. It’s one of his ten things going up in price. Or one of the causes, anyway. There are many more than ten things, I’m sure.

Lutz doesn’t get into much we weren’t already aware of but sometimes it’s important to get a refresher course and this piece is a simple read without any fluff. I like that.

It’s the type of article a prepper might send to aunt Gladis to motivate her into an extra trip to the grocery store without clueing her in that you’re a nutjob storing barrels of rice yourself.

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