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Twitter CleanUp – Thinking About Dumping

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Update Apr 7, 2020: I did dump it, forgot about it and never missed it.

Almost five years later and seems to still be going strong. Good for them. It’s still expensive as hell but I’m not trying to juggle over a dozen accounts anymore either. I have about five accounts I post to on a regular business. So who knows, perhaps I’ll give it another try. Then again, it doesn’t seem as important as it used to. Like my daddy used to say, “We’ll see“.

I just spent 2 hours cleaning up 6 of my Twitter accounts; removing the inactive and non-followers.

Last year I purchased one year of Business that expires in a little over a week. I have over a dozen Twitter accounts so I really need at least the Business+ membership but I don’t want it bad enough to fork out even close to $479.88 for the next year. I’m certainly not paying $50.99/month for the monthly plan.

Even to keep the Business Plan (6 Twitter profiles) I’d need to pay $239.88 for another year by Jul 9th. That is still too high.

Truthfully would be worth the investment if I took advantage of the complete program with all of the features but I just log in every month or two for a quick clean-up. I haven’t been one to aggressively grow my accounts. I pretty much allow my accounts to grow organically by following back who look like real people that aren’t spammy, playing the follow to unfollow game, Tweet in English, and are actively using Twitter.

If anyone has a better Twitter Management solution let me know. I just want a program that will allow around a dozen accounts and check follows -vs- unfollowers and activity stats.

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