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What’s In My Pocket? The Latest 20 Articles I Saved For Later.

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My interests lay deep. Some think I think, eat, and breath prepping. Others think I’m just another blogger. Well, I’m here to tell you, I’m special. My Mom used to tell me that all the time.

Anyway, back to the blogger thing. I’m a little behind in my Pocket App and, instead of getting caught up, I decided to blog about it.

Wait – It Ain’t THAT Boring

Don’t stop reading. What I’m going to give you here is pure gold. A rare insight from the far reaches of a brilliant mind. Just by reading this post, you’ll no doubt increase your testable IQ.

I’m going to link to the most recent articles I’ve saved to Pocket. You’re not only going to see many of my interests, but you’re also going to understand how I because such a delightful and informed influencer.

So without further ado, here are the most recent 20 articles I saved to Pocket. Un-edited, all in its glory. In fact, I simply copy & pasted straight from my app.


If you don’t have Pocket and the links aren’t working, click the second link for the original articles. A few of them may be Pocket originals so that won’t help you on those articles.


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How do influencers make money? And how much? She’ll tell you

Los Angeles Times · 9 min

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Lab-grown meat is supposed to be inevitable. The science tells a different story.

pocket.co · 28 min

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What Exactly Is This “Great Reset” People Keep Talking About?

theorganicprepper.com · 8 min

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The Journey to Define Dimension

Quanta Magazine · 8 min

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Scientists identify key conditions to set up a creative ‘hot streak’

The Guardian · 3 min

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How a ‘fatally, tragically flawed’ paradigm has derailed the science of obesity

pocket.co · 23 min

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Everything You Didn’t Know About the Trusty Tape Measure

The Art of Manliness · 7 min

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Why the Pandemic Has Disrupted Supply Chains

whitehouse.gov · 9 min

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Viganò: Considerations on the Great Reset and the New World Order

lifesitenews.com · 1 min

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Blockchain, explained

The Verge · 22 min

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The Surprisingly Strong Supreme Court Precedent Supporting Vaccine Mandates

POLITICO · 12 min

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What we talk about when we talk about gentrification

Vox · 13 min

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40 Million People Rely on the Colorado River. It’s Drying Up Fast.

ProPublica · 11 min

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Is Your ‘Go Bag’ Ready?

The New York Times · 7 min

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Non-sponsored ad? Because it’s mine.
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Loot is a viral social network that looks like nothing you’ve ever seen

The Verge · 10 min

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Angelina Jolie: ‘I just want my family to heal’

The Guardian · 22 min

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How to Hide Your House From Nosy People on Google Maps

Lifehacker · 3 min

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Covert Evacuations and Planned Demolitions: How the C.I.A. Left Its Last Base in Afghanistan

The New York Times · 6 min

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Joe Rogan, confined to Spotify, is losing influence

The Verge · 7 min

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The Middle East Is Becoming Literally Uninhabitable

Foreign Policy · 8 min

There you go. More curation without even trying. I hope you found something here useful, interesting, or at least entertaining. That’s all I ask for in life, to make your dash a little bit better.

By the way, just because I want to read, research, or understand something doesn’t mean I agree with or endorse it. So don’t go getting your panties up in a wad if something offends you. But by all means, let me know. I can always use a good laugh.

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Seriously, I just opened up to you like Abraham and Glenn’s heads to Negan’s barbed-wire bat. That at least deserves a tweet or something.

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